How do you pronounce acai?

That’s a question that a lot of people are asking about. When a word becomes popular, people naturally would want to know how they will read or say it. Just like other words, this word is pronounced differently by different people who have different first language.

For example, people in the Amazon who have been enjoying the benefits of the acai berries pronounce it as ah-saah-eee with the accent on the last syllable. Do you notice the small tail below the c in some of the sites where the word acai is written? That means you need to pronounce it as /see/ and not as /kee/. That’s how they say it in the South America.

People in the United States and Europe cannot pronounce the second syllable well so the pronunciation becomes ah-sigh-ee with accent on the second syllable. When they first heard the word, Westerners feel odd. That’s the normal reaction every time we encounter a new word.

But acai is not a new word in USA and Europe anymore. In fact, it has become the buzz word in these parts of th world. People are excited with the arrival of the acai berries. They are not actually new. In fact they have been used as tonic and general health food by native Indians in South America for thousands of years already. It has only been a few years that the people from USA and Europe discovered about this wonder food.

American scientists who still find it hard on how to pronounce acai have found out that it has very good health benefits. It is a natural anti-oxidant. It has all the vitamins and minerals that people need in one day. It can also cure many diseases and illness one of which is cancer. Many scientists also say that it help keep people look young. It may be difficult to pronounce but acai is surely be talked about and tried out and enjoyed by lots of people in the next few months, years and decades.

Author: Sharon Pebrero

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It’s general for people who don’t know how to pronounce the Acai berry the proper way to say it like you are saying the fef words “a kite” without the “t” sound but this is the incorrect way, no matter who you have heard say it that way.

How do you pronounce acai?

I always thought it was "ah-SAH-ee".